Kinematics and Kinetics – Guide to collected data 2017-06-21T15:13:52+00:00

Guide to Collected Data and Catalogs of Recordings

Researchers interested in working with datasets generated by the Chimpanzee Bipedalism Project can gain insight into the nature of these data in the following detailed descriptions of collection methods.

Access to catalogues listing all of the EMG, kinematic and kinetic recording sessions is password protected. If interested, please send a description of the nature of your request to one of the project investigators:,,,, or to obtain permission to use this data.  With permission you will be given access to password-protected folders containing catalogues listing kinematic, kinetic and EMG recording sessions.

The chimpanzee data were collected using the software ProCapture and analyzed using ProAnalyst (Xcitex Inc., Wolburn, MA) (link to ). The latter will link the force and video data, display them synchronously, and offers many tools for data analysis and display. The company Xcitex makes a free ProAnalyst viewer software available []. The video files are in avi format and can been viewed in other programs. The ground reaction force files and EMG files are in au2 format and will open in ProAnalyst automatically when video files are opened; they can also be opened in a text editor or Excel.