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Catalogue of kinematic and kinetic recordings

Data collection on the three male chimpanzee subjects took place between July 2011 and June 2015.  One animal contributed to the data set in only 4 recording sessions in 2012, and mostly bipedal locomotion was recorded for this animal. For the two other animal subjects, bipedal and quadrupedal overground locomotion was recorded, as well as simulated arboreal locomotion on a horizontal trunk and vertical climbing on a vertical trunk. Bipedal and tripedal walking while carrying loads was also recorded.

A list has been compiled of all recording sessions in which motion and/or force data were collected. It specifies the animal subject, body weight, and activities recorded (e.g., bipedal strides, vertical climbing, load-carrying), as well as the marker set and the calibration frame used.  The recorded data are organized in folders labeled with the animal subject’s name and the recording date.  Each recorded ‘event’ (a video segment) consists of 4 avi files (videos) and 4 au2 files (forces), with the same base names but numbered 1-4. Most experimental sessions have been catalogued, and each folder contains a text file that details activity by event.  While avi and au2 files can be opened individually (e.g., videos in Adobe Premier, force files in Excel or text editors), all files associated with an event will open up automatically in ProAnalyst upon importing a text file with the event name into the program. These text files are also in the folders. If events have been processed, additional files (e.g., filters, coordinate data files, cropped and filtered avi files) are added.

If interested in using the kinematic and/or kinetic data that we have collected, please send a description of the nature of your request to,,, or to obtain permission to use this data.  With permission you will be given access to password-protected folders containing the list of kinematic and kinetic recording sessions.