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Overview of Analyzed Results

The investigators involved in the Chimpanzee Bipedalism Project have undertaken a number of different data analyses in line with the central goals of the project.  Here we offer brief overviews of these analyses either as reproduced abstracts of published papers, or summaries of work in progress.  If you wish to use the information provided here for any purpose, please acknowledge our work by citing our publications.

The project investigators have plans for further studies utilizing the kinematic, kinetic and EMG data that have been collected in the course of this project, but we recognize that these data can be used to address a multitude of research questions.  We therefore offer access to data beyond what is presented on this web site to members of the academic community.  If interested, please send a description of the nature of your request to one of the project investigators: Susan.Larson@stonybrook.eduBrigitte.Demes@stonybrook.edu, matthewoneill@email.arizona.edu, nthomp03@nyit.edu, or nick_holowka@fas.harvard.edu to obtain permission to use this data.  With permission you will be given access to password-protected folders containing catalogues listing kinematic, kinetic and EMG recording sessions.